Mindy Dulberg, Wedding Favors

MindyBrooklynite since: 2001

Favorite Brooklyn spots:  My most favorite thing to do in Brooklyn is go to outdoor (usually free) concerts in the Summer. Prospect Park, Red Hook Park, Fort Greene Park and Commodore Barry Park are all places you can find me grooving out when the temperature rises. I love coffee at Smith Canteen and delicious dinners at Battersby. The cobb salad at Building on Bond and dumplings at M. Shanghai are perpetual cravings. I love to get my hair did at Dvir Salon and to splurge on pretty lacy things at Winkworth. I’ll travel to any part of the borough where I can see some beautiful street art. And I love entertaining in By Brooklyn’s beautiful backyard.

Three words my closest friends would use to describe me: Loyal, Driven, Dependable

What I love about what I do: I love being part of By Brooklyn because I am inspired by our amazing, talented and creative vendors every single day. No one is making pickles or jam or soap because they have to. They’re doing it because they love it and thats a wonderful thing to be around everyday. I get to be a champion for these folks by bringing what they do to the public and helping get it in the hands of others who, like me, understand the importance of supporting our local artists and watching this community thrive.

Five things you don’t know about me: In addition to my work at By Brooklyn and helping brides all over this great borough with wedding favors, I also rep a beautiful line of locally made bathing suits designed by my best friend called K Belo. You should buy one! Check them out at www.kbeloswim.com. I have two older brothers so I’m the best half princess half tough guy in the world! I have over 100 nail polishes in my personal collection and my dream manicure would include old timey pin striping inspired by 1960’s motorcycles. Steve Guttenberg was my babysitter. We grew up on the same block.   I was the muse in a really interesting photography exhibit juxtaposing John Audubon’s birds with 18th Century Victorian women. It showed in a fabulous gallery in Australia and I have an Audubon tattoo to commemorate that amazing experience.

Five jobs I had before I was a wedding professional: Business Development for a small boutique screen printing company. I managed a fashion showroom selling streetwear. Publicist  for non-profit organizations. Executive Assistant for a national publicist representing rock bands including Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters and Radiohead. Program Office assistant at NYU. That offices puts on all the concerts, lectures, films and other special events for the university.

Check out By Brooklyn 
e: mindy@bybrooklyn.com
p: 718-643-0606

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