Prospect Park Picnic House Wedding


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A few weeks ago we shared a shot from Diana and Scott’s DUMBO engagement shoot and today we are excited to share a peek at their beautiful Picnic House wedding. It was such a wonderful day in Prospect Park. Carissa, Rebecca and I had a blast working with them. We hope you enjoy this post and congratulations to Diana and Scott!


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Hair & Makeup Timeline Advice


Another thing that gets asked of me quite a lot is how the day-of timeline should run, in reference to the hair and makeup schedule. If you’ve hired a wedding planner or a day-of-coordinator, great! They’ll be able to help guide you through it. And if not, I’ll be there to make sure things run along smoothly. Here’s some things to remember.

1) Hair & Makeup take longer than you think they will.

For makeup I always schedule an hour with the bride and time permitting, 30-45 minutes with others. This may sound like a lot of time, but it really isn’t. Doing your own makeup with your own products is a completely different ballgame than hiring a pro to take care of several people.

For example, if you’re putting on your own mascara, you put it on directly with the brush from the tube. If a pro is putting makeup on you, she’ll have dipped a disposable makeup wand into the mascara, used it, and tossed it away.

Similarly, she won’t just be dipping her fingers into jars. She should be carefully pulling things out and putting them on sterilized palettes, or, the clean back of her hand. Basically, I just tell people to keep in mind that a sanitary artist will take her time to make sure her kit (and you!) stay germ-free.

And for hair, I know that hair is usually set with hot rollers, then they have to cool down, and then the hair will be let down and styled. So, this is a multi-phase process which will also take up a good chunk of time.

2) You’ll want someone in the hair chair and someone in the makeup chair, rotating everyone around until everyone is finished.  Not cool to make your bridesmaids wait around twiddling their thumbs, same with your stylists.

3) Unless it is bride-only for hair and makeup, you will need separate hair people and makeup people. If it’s just the bride for hair and makeup, and you can find a stylist that is great at both (it is SO RARE), then that’s the best thing to do. But you can’t expect one person to handle all those services on her own. It just takes up too much time. And no one wants to be all exhausted by the time the wedding rolls around.

4) Ideally, hair should happen before makeup. But it’s not completely vital. Just preferred.

5) Keep in mind that your makeup artist will want to arrive about 20 minutes before the first application, and will need about a half hour at the end to clean up. At least I need a full half hour. For example, if I wait until I get home to clean my airbrush gun, it clogs. So I have to do it as soon as I finish.

6) Your makeup artist will need table space, access to natural light, and a tall chair. All hotels have barstools they can bring up to the room. If you’re prepping in a location with no tall chair, let your makeup artist know. In those cases, I bring mine. It’s big and bulky but saves my back and prevents me from doing your makeup all hunched over you. Save time that morning by having the room set up with designated hair and makeup areas. Hair will need a regular-height chair, table space, and outlets.

Hope that helps!


Not Your Mother’s Cake Topper!


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I know, cake topper is a dirty word when it comes to your wedding cake.  Visions of a cheap plastic bride and groom with frozen smiles come to mind.  You might as well add pillars to the cake while you’re at it.  Well now you can throw those misconceptions out the window!

Artisans are reinventing the cake topper for 2013.  Think about a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge or watercolor butterflies as an alternative or in addition to sugar flowers or ribbons.

Mirror Mirror Designs has taken the cake topper to a new level with a line of keepsakes to add to your cake.

Mirror Mirror Designs has taken the cake topper to a new level with a line of engraved keepsakes to add to your cake.

Etsy is a great resource for handmade and alternative toppers ranging from cute little mice to vintage brooch bouquets

Feather and brooch topper by Solbijou

Feather and brooch topper by Solbijou

A charming little couple by Mousey Mimosa

A charming little couple by Mousey Mimosa

Nesting Eggs cake topper by Mirror Mirror Designs

Nesting Eggs cake topper by Mirror Mirror Designs

These are some of the new cake toppers custom designed for your wedding cake to  add whimsy or elegance to the centerpiece of your reception.


Dear Brides, Please Touch Up Your Lips.

Whatever this bride is wearing on her lips, she definitely had to reapply it several times during her wedding. And this particular makeup design is all about her lips, and it is gorgeous.


I do tell clients that they have the option to keep me around for touchups throughout the wedding, but, it’s really not necessary, as the only think she’ll need to touch up is her lipstick.  But unfortunately, she usually gets swept up in the excitement of the day and forgets.

So I always provide the bride’s lip products for her (liner, lipstick, gloss, etc).  I also provide a translucent powder compact with a mirror and sponge for shine touchups, and also so I know she has a mirror on hand to touch up her lips.  And I give this little bag of goodies to the bride, if she’ll be carrying a clutch, or, to the maid of honor or mom or person looking after her.  I tell that person to watch the bride and make sure to let her know when her lip color has faded.

Because no stain in the world is gonna last through the entire day.  Such a product does not yet exist.

Yet still, I see my clients in their wedding photos afterwards, and more often than not, their lips have disappeared into the abyss.  It’s disappointing because we usually spend so much time at the trial finding just that perfect shade… and it mostly doesn’t get seen.

So, just a friendly reminder ladies… don’t forget about your lips!  I know you’ll have lots of other things to think about, but, this is important too!


A Picnic House Wedding – Congratulations Diana & Scott!


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Today I will have the pleasure of working with the lovely Rebecca Shepherd and Carissa Templeton on Diana and Scott’s Brooklyn wedding. I’m also excited to get to work with  Bethany Pickard and Naturally Delicious, Kerry Crawford and Scratch Weddings. Obviously this is going to be a pretty amazing day!!!

Congrats Scott and Diana, and wishing a happy wedding day to all the lovely couples tying the knot on this lovely spring day.






Getting In Shape For Your Wedding Day


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Brooklyn - Quinn - Fitness Boot Camp

Uh-oh! Your wedding is (insert number) of weeks or months away and you are not happy with the way you look and feel right now. You’re overwhelmed with all the other details of wedding planning. Work is crazy. There’s no time in your day. How possibly are you going to get in shape in time for your wedding?

I’ve heard this story many, many times. And, having had the privilege of helping hundreds of people out of that or a similar predicament, I can tell you this: you’re going to be OK!

All you need is a commitment to making a few adjustments in your mindset and to carving out about two hours per week from your schedule.

Below is a summary of the methodology that has helped hundreds of my clients transform their lives and their bodies. Everything boils down to the decisions you make at each moment and each day about how to think, eat, and move. We’re all unique and this methodology is a framework within which I create very specific plans for each of my clients based on their personal goals. But, if you apply it to your own life – even generally – you will experience positive changes physically, mentally, and emotionally.

For more detail or for help applying this in time for your wedding, my team and I are happy to sit down for a free consultation.


Your goal is not just to get married but to spend as long and as full a life as possible with your future spouse. Commit to making positive, lasting changes that will create a lifetime of happiness.

A little of something beneficial is always better than nothing at all. Stop waiting for the perfect time to begin and start making small steps toward your goal. For example:

  • Take 30 minutes today and go for a walk or a light jog. If you can’t spare 30 mins, try 20 minutes or even 10.
  • Replace all beverages other than coffee and tea (if you’re a coffee/tea drinker) with water or sparkling water.
  • Eat vegetables or fruit instead of bread, rice, or pasta.

If drinking more water and eating fruits and vegetables in place of most of your simple carbohydrates is too daunting, start with one serving per day. If you do nothing else I’m about to tell you, just making the above changes will begin to shrink your waistline within a 7-10 days – if not sooner. Just DO SOMETHING!!!!

Replace the words “diet” and “exercise” with “eating” and “movement.” You need to eat the right foods most of the time and move your body safely and regularly to live and thrive. Period.

Follow these suggestions and you will have more energy, less stress, better sleep, and a happier state of mind. And, sure enough, with those things will come a stronger, leaner, fitter body.


Eat four to six times per day – You can eat as much as you want at any given meal, but you need to be able to eat that exact same amount of food two to three hours later.

Eat minimally processed foods without a lot of added sugars

Eat fruits and vegetables throughout the day

Drink more water and eliminate calories-containing beverages

Consume lean protein throughout the day

Eat starchy foods (simple carbs like breads and pasta) early in the day or right after exercise

Eat whatever you want sometimes – Pick a total of three meals (ideally during the same day) each week where you don’t think about what your eating. Just go for it. Remember the part about eating the right things MOST of the time? That’s where this comes in.


Move at a comfortable pace as often as possible – Walk, jog, bike, swim, whatever. Just make sure your body is moving at least once per hour and every day.

Move heavy things two or three times per week – Whether weights, boxes, small children, or your own body, you simple must keep all those muscles engaged. 15-20 minutes is the minimum..

Move fast (or with high intensity) two or three times per week – Get that heart pumping (like when you need to walk up a flight of stairs or run for the bus) for 20-30 secs then take a break (long enough to be conversational again). Do that a 5-6 times in a row.

The below workout brings it all together. If you take care of the “moving at a comfortable pace” part on your own and do this workout three times per week (with at least a day of rest between workouts), your body will look and feel better than it ever has.

The key to this routine is taking very short breaks between exercises. Basically, only allow your self enough time to prepare for/transition to the next one. After you run through one circuit, take a slightly longer break. This will keep your heart rate up.

On the exercises with dumbells or cables, use the heaviest weight that you can lift repeatedly for 30-45 seconds. You want to be struggling for the last couple of seconds. If you don’t have a way to keep track of time, aim for 10-12 repetitions. If you don’t have access to any equipment, you can always use you’re own body weight or whatever’s around the house (books, rocks, soup cans, etc). And, of course, be sure to warm-up for 2-5 minutes and stretch for 5-10 minutes when you’re done.

Movement Options (Pick one from the list) Time Focus
Push Push-up (vary grip each set: wide, narrow, shoulder width) 30-45 Secs Major Muscle Groups
Overhead Press
Recover 10-20 Secs
Pull Row with cables, bands, or DBs 30-45 Secs
Reverse Flies
Recover 10-20 Secs
Squat/Lunge Body Weight Squats 30-45 Secs
Dumbell Squats
Recover 10-20 Secs
Repeat above for total of 3X
Plank On toes or Knees 2 X 45-60 Secs Core
Elbows/Hands on ball
Feet elevated
Recover 15-20 Secs
Repeat above for total of 2X
Cardio Intervals Burpees 20-30 Secs Cardio-Vascular
Skier Swings (low impact)
Jumping Jacks
Recover 20-45 Secs
Cardio Intervals Burpees 20-30 Secs
Skier Swings (low impact)
Jumping Jacks
Recover 20-45 Secs
Repeat 3-5X
– John Quinn 
w: Captain Quinn’s Boot Camp