Ruth Irving, Visual Artist

Ruth IrvingBrooklynite since: 2009 (First Greenpoint, now Williamsburg! I love both, but enjoy being closer to the Williamsburg Bridge because its monumentality always inspires me.)

Favorite Brooklyn spots: Grand Ferry Park, especially at sunset; any and all Brooklyn art studios, big, small, or smaller (I love seeing the life and inspiration of so many artists living around me); walking on the Brooklyn or Williamsburg Bridge; Downtown, DUMBO! (I never miss the DUMBO Arts Festival); Goodbye Blue Monday, a small coffee shop/food/bar/welding garden in Bushwick (always a great place to get away, see art, and listen to starting musicians).

 Three words my closest friends would use to describe me: Inspiring, inventive, dramatic

 What I love about what I do: I love getting to know the stories and unique personalities of the people I am creating for, and expressing that in their paper goods. Nothing makes me happier than painting new creations and concepts of love in my studio. The textures, abilities and freedom of paper awe me.

Five things you don’t know about me: I studied architecture in school. I also design furniture, DJ, was home schooled, and I make a mean cup of Joe.

Five jobs I had before I was a wedding professional: Worked as a CNA, lifeguard/swim instructor, architect at RAMSA, barista at the Cup and Maude’s Classic Cafe, and part-time super-nanny!

t: 646-657-7828

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